Hey there! I’m Jenna, the heartbeat behind Let’s Go Glamping, an online advertising and content marketing agency nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Cornwall, UK.

I’m not your average Joe; I’m a Social Media Strategist, Content Marketer, Digital Designer, Mommy, Wife, Free Spirit, Creative Dreamer, Earth-Warrior, Adventurer, and all-around enthusiast.

I’m here to make your life as a busy glampsite owner a little breezier. With over 12 years of experience in digital design and content marketing, I am here to provide you with the services and solutions you need to elevate and supercharge your glamping venue’s online presence. 

I help you take charge of your advertising and master your marketing so you can create an authentic online brand that aligns with your values and business goals, attracts your ideal audience, builds a loyal following, and transforms your followers into guests.

↠ I am a mamma, and I think I’ve got the coolest kids on the block!
↠ I am married to my best friend, my partner in crime, my soul mate and my favourite travel buddy.
↠ I am a total coffee junkie.
↠ I believe in tough love, good vibes and magic!
↠ I am a free-spirit with a wild heart and a bohemian soul.
↠ I love going on adventures with my Mini-Me & Hubby. 
↠ My star sign is Scorpio and yes, I do have a sting in my tail!
↠ Coffee? Oh, yeah, we’re talking a full-blown love affair here.

↠ My favourite item of clothing is a comfy pair of jeans!
↠ I am a self-confessed Bibliophile. (No, this isn’t anything freaky – I just love books!)
↠ Have I mentioned my love of coffee?
↠ Marketing is my playground, but email and content marketing is where my true passion lies.
↠ When I grow up (whenever that might be), I want to be a digital nomad, roaming the world one Wi-Fi hotspot at a time.
↠ I am actively trying to get my sh*t together every damn day!

Slide into my DMs [@letsgoglampingco / @letsgoglampingmedia] or pop me an email at hello@letsgoglamping.co.uk.

Tell me all about you and your glampsite! 
↠ How did you get started in the glamping world?
↠ Where is your glampsite situated?
↠ What inspired you to start your own glamping site?
↠ Share your struggles and your wins! 

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