I would love to say we got to Sherwood Pines Glamping early but things just seemed to go pear shaped from the moment we started packing the car. It was one of those last days of the week where there was still just far too much to do before going away for the weekend.

I suppose though, that’s the joy of going glamping with 2 adults (well, 1 is only by age), a 4 year old, a 4 month old, and 2 fur kids…

We had initially sent through an ETA of 6pm but that was optimistic to say the least! This, however, did give us the opportunity to test the “late check-in” experience that Sherwood Pines Camping offers. We were able to get hold of a helpful employee, who was more than happy to accommodate us and our late arrival needs.

Rather than arriving at the stated 6pm, we met Carol, another wonderful employee of Sherwood Pines Camping around 9pm but that didn’t deter Carol from ensuring we were told about all the necessary information. Carol was thorough, ensuring that all our needs were met. I say thoroughly as Carol made sure we knew everything there was to know about the premises, procedures, and surrounding camp facilities. Carol also gave us a comprehensive walk-through of our Family Bothy that we would occupy for the next 2 days. 

Now I had a great first impression but no one was more enthusiastic than our 4-year-old. She jumped around with joy at the idea of sleeping at the top of the double bunk while also getting to sleep in the same room as us. 

I can’t say I noticed the same levels of exuberance from our 4-month-old, but to be fair! That’s to be expected…

The setup is very charming. As you walk in, you’re greeted by a decent sized family room with an L shaped benches and dining table. There is a perfect little log-burner for those cool nights to create the cosy ambiance and a couple electric heaters, just to ensure you are kept warm. 

Also included is a 2 stove induction hob, microwave, kettle, toaster and fridge as well as a working space and counter top. There is ample crockery, cutlery and basic kitchen implements. 

It would be useful to bring your own cleaning products, although Sherwood Pines Camping does give a complimentary basic cleaning pack. Sherwood doesn’t unfortunately supply for the likes of the standard my wife holds to, as she likes things to meet the standards of a general operating room at most upscale hospitals the world over.

Once we had made ourselves familiar with our home base for the next couple days, we got ourselves rested up for a new day.

The next morning we were gently woken by the soft, operatic tones of the local birdlife. Once we rose from our slumber we were struck by how beautiful the area we were staying in was. Obviously arriving so late, we missed the spectacular location we were housed in. Right in the middle, in between the pine trees, our “little home” blended in with the surroundings.

Once we roused our 2 little ones (thankfully we are blessed with sleepers), we went to the main blocks which houses the laundry room, a place for people to do their dishes, the toilets and shower facilities for Men and Women as well as a separate room for a family.

They had a couple extra rooms which I thought were phenomenal.

There was a room with what looked like a large floating basin and retractable shower head which is a dog washing room. As well as a room with lockers for hikers to dry off their outer garments.

Once the morning chores were complete, we went to watch our daughter play at the children’s playground located right in the middle of the sites grounds. While looking after her we got to chatting with a family who had been there the week and were leaving the next day. This was clearly not there first time to Sherwood Pines Camping site as they were telling me about the local Pizza guy who sets up his portable Pizza oven on Friday nights and how one day during the busy period he had sold out of all his stock which was more than (as legend has it, so let’s go with it) 250 pizzas…

After this we went for a walk in the forest. Thankfully we were blessed with a beautiful weekend and the walk through the woods was some thing to behold. It was one of those calm days with little to no breeze, where the sun streaks through the trees separated from each other almost as if they never came from the same origin.

Truth be told, as mentioned earlier, we had had a manic period and we had our reservations about going as we just had so much to do. Once the walk was complete though, it was clear that the break was needed as during that walk, the ability to get out from underneath all the stress and pressures had been achieved. It was at this point that I realised why the family that I had spoken to, came from Northampton a few times prior to me meeting them. The only problem that I had as I came to this epiphany was that I had a second realisation.

We would be leaving the next day.

On the next day, our daughter enjoyed her last few hours of “freedom” and running around with all the other children she had befriended while there before getting the dreaded final call.

We made our way out the gates at Sherwood Pines Camping and as we drove down that path that leads into Sherwood Pines Camping, almost simultaneously, my wife and I announced how we enjoyed that stay.

All in all, it turned out to be a trip we needed, without knowing it was needed.

I would love to return there in the future but 2 days just isn’t enough to for this place, even though we did love those 2 days.

Thank you to all at Sherwood Pines Camping for your hospitality and efficient service. We hope to see you all sooner, rather than later. 




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